Englisch in der 2a

English with Miss Jeannie is always fun We really like english lessons with Miss Jeannie because she has such nice ideas. Today we talk about our families. We learn about mom, dad, brothers, sisters, grandma, grandpa, uncle, aunt, baby….

English is fun

Hello, my name is Miss Jeannie! I am from San Diego, California and have been living and teaching English in Vienna for the past two years. This is my first year as a full-time native English teacher at Neustiftgasse Volksschule, and so far I really enjoy working here! The children have learned so much already […]

English is fun

English with our Native Speaker Teacher Helen, from England: In my lessons the children learn everyday English stretching through a great variety of topics. We also have „cultural awareness“ lessons. Here we are in a lesson comparing England to Austria, including geography (where in Europe and capital cities?), population (in London there are as many […]

DLPC – Dual Language Primary Centre

VS Neustiftgasse is a DLPC – a „Dual Language Primary Centre“: This means that we teach topics (Sachunterricht) in two languages: German and English in all classes. We make sure that English is fun and informative for all the children here, so that it becomes a natural part of their everyday life. Every term (Semester) […]