European Primary School Neustiftgasse

Creating an inclusive learning envirnoment by integrating curiosity and respect for other cultures and languages.  

Native Speaker Teachers
Integrated Class

Our Educational Practices



  • English from the start with Native Speaker Teacher
  • CLIL: (Content + Language Integrated Learning) English integrated into other subjects as a classroom language
  • Literacy training with BKS Native Speaker Teacher

Progressive Pedagogy

  • Individualized curriculum 
  • Station work
  • Montesorri methods
  • Alternative grading system
  • Multiple teachers support each class
  • School-wide cooperative projects

Inclusion in Focus

  • 1 integrative (special-education) class
  • European studies and global awareness
  • Environmental consciousness
  • Aim towards fostering openess and tolerance

How else do we serve our pupils?

Morning Supervision

Free daycare for early risers starting at 7:15 AM.

Educational Enrichment

We enjoy school-wide festivals, such as Europe Fest, holiday parties, summer field day, experiement week, reading festival, arts and crafts, individual and group counseling, and access to digital learning applications.

Afternoon Activities

Music and Rythym, Yoga, English Club and more...

We are a GTVS

A Ganztagschule follows a full-day model. This means that the afternoon care, including lunch, is free of cost. 

School is from 8:00 – 15:45.

On Fridays, kids can be picked up from 13:55.

Core lessons alternate with free time and a “homework” hour is held with teachers.

After school care from 15:50 – 17:00. During this time kids can join special activities like sports or drama.

Families can choose to join our after school care for 1 – 5 days.

100 Euro per semester

Joining is not mandatory for all pupils.

Lunch is free. Vegetarian options are available.   

Children should bring healthy snacks for breaks.

Please contact us for current information.