English is so much fun. Here are some insights:

Happy New Year!

In the 4A we talked about what we want to do, where we want to go, what we want to see, eat, and learn in 2018.  The kids drew self-portraits and wrote short paragraphs in English about all their plans for the new year.

IMG_7170 IMG_7171(1) IMG_7171 IMG_7172(1) IMG_7173(1) IMG_7174(1) IMG_7175(1) IMG_7177(2)



‚Run, run as fast as you can Mr. Gingerbread Man!‘

In the 2A and 2C we read the story about the Gingerbread Man and the tricky Fox. After listening to Miss Jeannie read the story, the kids got to act it out and play the different characters. Then we drew step-by-step portraits of the fox and decorated gingerbread men cookies. Yummy!

Here are our fox portraits:

IMG_6381 IMG_6382 IMG_6383 IMG_6387



The kids had fun decorating their gingerbread cookies, but they liked eating them even more! 🙂

IMG_6500 Kopie IMG_6513 Kopie IMG_6493 Kopie IMG_6488 IMG_6514 Kopie



3C Learns to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle!

In our CLIL class in the 3C, the kids are learning about recycling, reducing waste, and reusing things. We collected trash and practiced sorting different pieces of garbage into the correct recycling bins. They learned easy phrases like, ‚The paper goes into the paper bin,‘ and ‚put the plastic bottle in the plastic bin, please.‘

IMG_7935 IMG_7936 IMG_7938 IMG_7939