Meet our teaching team

Dedicated, motivated, inspired.


Karin Wimmer

Native Speaker Teachers

Jeannie Emathinger, Snezana Lazarevic

School Counselor

Hanna Gonzo

Class Teachers

Barbara Haider, Barbara Prohaska, Maria Trimmel, Michi Bulla, Michaela B., Angelika Redl, Christina Hareter-Langer, David Österreicher, Kathi Kobierski, Anna Stanglechner

Support Teachers

Angela Ring, Erika Mayr, Eva Unterwurzacher, Susanne Weghofer, Jasmin Petershofer, Christina Roch, Jana Doppelhofer, Agnes Braun, Lena Thaler, Naftali Badawassou Francisco, Nadia Helber

In loving memory of Julia Margiol

Julia was a teacher from 2015-2021 at our school and tragically passed away September 9th, 2022. She will be greatly missed, but we are thankful for all the love and joy she shared with us. She will always have a place in our hearts.