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Pumpkin Carving with the 2A

Halloween Jack O’Lantern with 2A
Every year Miss Jeannie carves pumpkins with the second graders.

First the kids get to pass around the pumpkin.

Then we cut off the top of the pumpkin and […]

von |28. Oktober 2019|Allgemein, Feste & Feiern|

2a in dem Motrorikpark

Ganz schön wackelig………
war die 2a da unterwegs.

von |28. Oktober 2019|Allgemein, Ausflug|

Fridays for Future Walkout

Wir waren live dabei…
VS Neustiftgasse war das Highlight der Demo!

On Friday, the 27th of September, a group of our students went with some teachers and afternoon caretakers to the Fridays for Future protest! The […]

von |2. Oktober 2019|Allgemein, Projekte|

EPS Neustiftgasse Laüft! Go, kids, go!

Ready, set, Goooo!
Das youngCaritas LaufWunder 2019

On May 23, all the students, teachers, and daycare teachers from our school traveled to the Donaucity Sportcenter to partake in the youngCaritas LaufWunder charity run. The kids […]

Die 1A liebt Eislaufen

Nachdem wir vor den Semesterferien das erste Mal in der Stadthalle eislaufen waren, wollten alle
am nächsten Tag gleich nocheinmal. Ging leider nicht, wir mussten auch noch lesen und rechnen
Aber im Februar fanden wir wieder […]

von |29. April 2019|Allgemein, Projekte|

Halloween with Miss Jeannie

All the kids know that Miss Jeannie loves Halloween.
In the third grades we learned about witches and crafted some colorful witches feet.

In the 2a and 2b we carved pumpkins and made spooky […]

Welcome to first grade English! 1A and 1B

In the first grade, learning English is as easy as learning A is for Apple. That’s why our first lessons begin with talking all about apples. We learned the song, ‚Five Little Apples Hanging […]

von |15. Januar 2019|Allgemein|

Remembering the Romans in 4A and 4B

In the 4B the kids learned all about the Romans. They learned about the foods they ate, the battles they fought, and the clothes they wore.

With Miss Jeannie, the kids watched an English […]

von |15. Januar 2019|Allgemein, Projekte|